Monday, November 12, 2007

According to Homosexuals, we should also decriminalize incest and polygamy

Those who entreat the government to repeal S377a have reasoned their case based upon two premises: 1) private homosexual intercourse is performed between consensual adults and, 2) it causes no harm to society.

For example, Nominated MP Siew Kum Hong, in his recent parliamentary speech, argued that, “Private, consensual sexual acts between adult males does not impact on the safety and security of society. Furthermore, it is accepted that the criminal law addresses activities that harm others, but the Government seems to accept that 377A does not cause harm. So how can 377A possibly be linked to a legitimate purpose of the Penal Code? The answer is that it does not and it cannot."

Following such a rationale, it is perplexing why the gay movement in Singapore does not lobby for the decriminalization of adult incest and polygamy. It can similarly be argued that adult incestuous relationships and adult polygamous marriages are likewise based upon consensus. Furthermore, such relationships do not cause harm to others.

Some might retort that genetic defects are more likely in incestuous sexual unions, thus causing harm to the children of such relations. However, following the principles of the same-sex family model, incestuous couples may choose not to be biological parents. They can practise effective medical or surgical contraception, and may even decide to adopt children. Furthermore, if religious or moral considerations are to be abandoned, abortion is definitely a viable option for such incestuous couples.

To push the analogy further, consensual incestuous or polygamous unions can indeed be homosexual or heterosexual in nature. If we are to accept the premises offered to us by those who lobby for the repeal of S377a, why should there be any limitations as to the possible permutations to such relationships?

In conclusion, may I ask gay activists in Singapore the following question, “Consistent with your rationale for the repeal of S377a, is it not correct for us to say that, you would have no objections to the decriminalization of incest and polygamy in this nation?”

Therefore, in order to be consistent with their reasoning and not to be perceived as being hypocritical, those asking for the repeal of S377a should openly state their positions on such moral issues. If they insist that the law must not interfere with personal sexual choices and activities, then the logical conclusion from such premises would be the repeal of laws criminalizing incest and polygamy.


nevin said...

Actually, polygamy is not necessarily illegal in Singapore. While the woman's charter does not allow polygamy, Muslim marriage law falls under the Administration of the Muslim Law Act. Under this act, the Shari'a court allows Muslim men to practice polygamy. See, eg: . This is one of the issues that the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)wants Singapore to rectify, but Singapore has yet to do so.

So the foundation of this article is founded on the faulty premise that polygamy is illegal in Singapore (not entirely), and on the implict assumption that polygamy should be illegal because it is morally/religiously wrong even though it may not cause 'harm'. Ironically, the reason why the last vestiges of polygamy still remains is due to religious and cultural factors.

vincit omnia veritas said...


You got to get your facts correct.

Polygamy IS illegal in Singapore for the rest of us:

In my article, I specifically stated that polygamy for ALL Singaporeans (BOTH homosexual and heterosexual) should be decriminalized based upon faulty “gay logic.” For example, why should polygamy be restricted to one man and a few wives? Why not four women (lesbian polygamy) or ten men (homosexual polygamy)? Simply apply your “gay logic,” and out pops your conclusion.

The Shari’a court (Muslim Law Act) applies only to muslims; polygamy is NOT legal for the rest of Singapore. But again, why restrict polygamy to ONLY muslims? What about Mormons, or just about anyone? Again, apply your “gay logic,” and out pops your conclusion.

So, apparently your disagreement is based upon poor research and factual errors. Delightfully, “gay logic” should allow Singaporeans to practice incest and polygamy based upon premises 1 and 2. In conclusion, if you lobby hard enough, who knows ... some of you might even have a harem.

Finally, polygamous marriages were common all over Asia. Monogamy marriages is a western concept, introduced in Singapore after 1965 and in China by the communist in l953.

You wrote, “Ironically, the reason why the last vestiges of polygamy still remains is due to religious and cultural factors?”

Which religion? Christianity or Islam? Which culture? Chinese or Western? This is obviously a dicto simpliciter, and a failure in logic. Embarrassing.

ddd said...

Ironically also, the modern emergence of homosexuality as an "alternative lifestyle" is due to anti-religious factors. And the practice of ancient homosexuality were driven underground by the destruction of their host culture/nation (ie Sodom, Gomorrah, Canaan), or the conversion of the people to Christianity (as happened in the late Roman Empire).

nevin said...

You have misread my comment. Polygamy is illegal under the woman's charter and only legal under the Administration of the Muslim Law Act (for muslim men). This point was already stated in my original comment and is not a mistake of law. My facts are correct.

I am not, contrary to your misrepresentation, arguing for polygamy. Although your point that polygamy was once commonplace but is now not acceptable is an implicit concession that social norms are not immutable.

Lastly, the comment about "gay logic" is itself illogical. Logic either makes sense or it does not, and the central issue here is that the state should be slow to intervene in private, consensual acts.

Mike Messerli said...


the truth is that when sin is accepted, whatever the form, then the wicked are bold (Proverbs). when one sin is "ok" with culture, then others who have hidden their sin find a new boldness and our culture spirals down to the sewer...we are on our way here, I will pray that you are way behind us in this descent into wickedness.