Friday, March 25, 2016

Publication of a manuscript written in 2006 - "Bible Presbyterianism: A Need For Redefinition?"

After a long hiatus of almost a decade, I have finally made available online a manuscript written in 2006. I have previously decided to hold back the publication due to certain concerns. Far Eastern Bible College and the Bible Presbyterian churches in Singapore were having a serious doctrinal controversy over the VPP (Verbal Plenary Preservation) doctrine. At the same time, FEBC was threatened with eviction from the church premise. Apparently, Life BP Church had ordered FEBC to vacate the premises by 30 June 2008. This event was followed shortly by the death of the founding pastor Rev Timothy Tow in 2009.

Several years have since passed. And things are a little calmer than before.

I want to extend my gratitude to my previous pastor Rev Koshy and Dr Jeffrey Khoo for their godly examples as leaders, and for their preaching and teachings. I want to emphasize that this manuscript was written out of concern and love for the BP churches in Singapore. It is hoped that more time and effort would be devoted by FEBC and the BP churches in Singapore to the study of Reformed Theology. Perhaps a better understanding of their theological grid might lead to more common ground and unity amongst the BP churches in Singapore.

The manuscript is now available online for download.

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