Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dawkins’ god

In a British broadcast entitled “The Root of All Evil?” on Channel 4 in the UK, evolutionist professor Richard Dawkins harangued Christianity as the greatest threat facing humanity.

He rants, “I'm very concerned about the religious indoctrination of children. I want to show how faith acts like a virus that attacks the young and infects generation after generation . . . It's time to question the abuse of childhood innocence with superstitious ideas of hellfire and damnation. And I want to show how the scriptural roots of the Judeo-Christian moral edifice are cruel and brutish . . . What in the 21st century are we doing venerating a book [the Bible] that contains such stuff? . . . The God of the Old Testament has got to be the most unpleasant character in all fiction - jealous and proud of it, petty, vindictive, unjust, unforgiving, racist, an ethnic cleanser urging His people on to acts of genocide . . . When it comes to children, I think of religion as a dangerous virus. It's a virus which is transmitted partly through teachers and clergy, but also down the generations from parent to child to grandchild. Children are especially vulnerable to infection by the virus of religion.

What Dawkins didn’t say is probably more lethal than the imminent danger of an Avian Flu pandemic.

The cancer of evolutionism is surreptitiously eating away society’s moral fabric at an alarming rate. Dawkins’ pet theory – Neo-Darwinism – teaches students that all Homo sapiens and bananas came from a common ancestor. Just like the average household plant, humans are allegedly “proven” to have evolved from a pre-biotic slime some 3 million years ago. Unknown to the initiate, this “empirical” proof is tenuous at best. It is based upon a fantasy dreamt up by religious atheists and agnostics to do away with a Creator.

If evolutionism is true, moral values and societal ethics are logically dependant upon the whimsical decisions of the majority. Without an omnipotent, omniscient Law Giver, the existence of any moral law is inherently contradictory. That which is right or wrong will eventually depend upon the common opinions of the mob. Mobocracy will be the ultimate rule of life.

Again, if humans are indeed the product of blind chance, mutations and natural selection, the existence of absolute moral values cannot be justified. How can molecules and atoms account for the genesis of morality? How dare a Neo-Darwinist believes in human rights? If “jaws and claws” are the rules of survival, and if indeed, survival is of the fittest, then that which is weak, diseased or etiolated ought to be eliminated by nature. In fact, the murder of societal misfits ought to be a quotidian occurrence. We should redirect the question back to Professor Dawkins: “What in the 21st century are we doing venerating a fatuous, pseudo-scientific theory like Neo-Darwinism?”

Apparently, Dawkins believes that the “Judeo-Christian moral edifice are cruel and brutish” because it emphasizes monogamy, family values and love for fellow humans. I believe professor Dawkins would be most pleased if such “Judeo-Christian” values are expunged from his own family and society. Perhaps Dawkins would do well to “walk his talk.”

Hitler, Milosevic and Pol Pot derived their infamous philosophy from social Darwinism. It is Dawkins’ god - evolution - who advocates the expeditious purification of the human race via ethnic cleansing and mass slaughter. After all, who else but Dawkins’ god is the “petty, vindictive, unjust, unforgiving, racist, an ethnic cleanser urging His people on to acts of genocide?”

The indoctrination of innumerable children in public schools all over the world with the religion of Neo-Darwinism, and its accompanying moral relativism, is ironically paid with tax dollars, including the tax dollars of Christians and Catholics.

If there is “a virus that attacks the young and infects generation after generation,” it must be Dawkins’ theory of evolution, and the carnage it would bring if allowed to proliferate in the countless, credulous minds of students. Unfortunately, this virus is transmitted partly through parents and teachers, but also “down the generations” from professor to scientist to student.

The only immunization available for the population today is proper, unbiased education with Science, not pseudo-science. The ghost of the metaphysical entity called evolution will never be exorcised, unless scientists are willing to examine all the available, empirical evidence, and acquire the courage to come to a sane conclusion.

(Note: I have discussed the evidence against evolutionism in a series of seminars held in Singapore. See here and here.)


Mike said...

I just found your site. Great work, very inspiring. Thank you. I will visit often. It's a real help to see the thoughts and issues on the other side of the globe.

Mike Messerli
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hi there. found your blog through mejlina's one. You attend Dr Tong's service on Sunday?